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Pond Maintenance in Greensboro NC

Are you tired of emptying the skimmer basket? Do you worry about the fish in your pond?

Do you want a completely maintenance free backyard fish pond? Would you find peace of mind knowing that all maintenance was taken care of by a team of professionally trained technicians?

As water feature professionals in Greensboro, North Carolina, Pond Professors offers years of experience in the design, installation, and maintenance of fish ponds and backyard water features.  Spring and fall cleanings and any other service work is charged at an hourly rate of $95.00 per man hour.  Call today for scheduling as the list is growing.  (336) 510-0884.  Or for emergencies that need immediate attention call Rex (336) 455-0163.  WE ARE YOUR FISH SPECIALIST IN THE TRIAD!

At Pond Professors, our professional technicians are trained to do all of the work so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy!

We Have Received Numerous Requests From Water Garden Owners Just Like You!


$160.00 per

We Have Received Numerous Requests From Water Garden Owners Just Like You!

We have been getting phone calls from our Greensboro clients who want to enjoy the stress reducing benefits of their water garden pond, but want us to do all the work.

Our professional services have been expanded to meet this demand for a maintenance free fish pond. We now offer weekly, every 2 weeks, and monthly services for your convenience. Each service plan is tailored to the individual needs of your water feature.

Our expert maintenance team is skilled in bringing your existing water feature back to life!

This Is Absolutely The Easiest Way For You To Find More Time To Enjoy Your Water Garden


Many of our clients have already taken advantage of our Gold Maintenance Program. This Gold package is excellent for the water garden owner, who needs a little help keeping their fish pond clear and beautiful. As a team, you and the Pond Professors can make it happen.

Our NEW Platinum Maintenance Plan is tailored for the busy fish pond owner, who wants to enjoy all the relaxing benefits of the pond, while we do all the dirty work. This plan includes visits every two weeks to allow you to relax and be assured that professionals are taking care of the rest.



First Visit

 Check the pump for proper flow

 Clean skimmer filter mat, as needed

 Empty debris net, clean as needed

 Check filter

 Ensure U.V. Sterilizer is working and change bulbs per manufacturer’s recommendation*

 Ensure all spitters are working properly

 Check underwater pond and waterfall lights

 Check fish health and medicate when necessary*

 Light timers checked and adjusted to correct time

 Minor problems corrected

 Test and ensure that pH, ammonia, nitrite and phosphate, levels are within proper parameters

 Equipment inspected (if necessary, an estimated cost for any repairs and/or replacements will be provided)

 Deliver and place any pre-booked plants and merchandise

 Checklist filled out, signed and a copy is left with you


 Second Visit

 All the above “Check” features plus:

 Trim Aquatic Plants/weeds encroaching pond *Platinum members only

 Restack rocks as needed

 Add Water Treatments as needed (up to $25.99 value included)

 Deliver and place any pre-booked plants, fish, and merchandise*

 Check fish food supply and replenish when needed*

 A maintenance checklist filled out, signed and a copy is left with you





What our Customers Say

Pond Professors took my old, ugly pond and turned it into the focal point of my garden! I loved the pictures the Pond Professor showed me of his other jobs, but they didn't pre-pare me for how WONDERFUL the finished pro-ject would be! It enhances everything about my yard and adds the magical sound of water too. Just ask my fish-they are SO happy! I highly recommend Pond Professors. They did a beau-tiful job and everyone on the job site was courteous, friendly and knowl-edgeable.


Lynn Redmond

Greensboro, NC





The Waterfall is beautiful and will enhance "The Path" at First Lutheran for years to come especially since it is a key element in any spiritual outdoor space. You created "Holy Well" from which animals and humans alike can be refreshed and when one can connect with the creator through mind and spirit. You are a special young man, taking pride in your work and making it a joy to work with you. 


Again thank you for your dedication.



Ellenor Sheperd

Greensboro, NC

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